“How Lucky Am I?”



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“How Lucky Am I?”

Those are the words of my dear friend, Geri D.  She lost her Soul-Mate three Wednesdays ago, on June 8.  She continues to profess her gratitude – her luck, and her good fortune for having been blessed with such an incredible human being.  I am writing about this to help us all remember we never know when it’s the final Curtain Call, or when the entertaining time of life is going to – Drop The Mic.


She called him Billzilla, because she made him a part of her Yardzilla-ness (too long of a story to tell here).  She is creative and fun, yet serious and – as she says about herself – built for speed.  She never expected to be given the gift of true, unconditional love.  She’d never had it and believed she never would.  Then along came Billzilla; A kind, sensitive, caring man who loved the finer things in life; which included Geri.  He loved her more than she ever knew she could be loved.

No Promises

This topic is so important for me to write because it demonstrates the temporary nature of all things. It shows us how fragile life and love are.  It teaches us to treasure the sweetness of all we experience.  I hope it also reminds us that nothing is promised and we never know what is waiting just ahead.

Like Water

Although the love for Billzilla will forever remain in Geri’s heart, nothing made of matter lasts forever.  Love is such an anomaly; it can seem to be like water for many.  When they try to reach into its deep reservoir and get a handful to quench their thirst, most of it escapes through cupped fingers.  Yet, love – when it chooses us, is forever possible no matter what age.  Love is always on time.  If it picks you – please appreciate it, and enjoy…

                                                                                              L. Wielenga. 6/16                                                                                                                                                          


Revolution (Molting)

The light and dark forces struggle; this

causes the revolution of the seasons. We can

master these changes and learn to keep our

balance by understanding their regularity and

cyclic nature.  Then, what appears chaotic

becomes clear, and we are able to adjust.

— Karen Holden

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