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It was Friday night on October 21 and I was in my little house listening to Seth Godin talk with  Marie Forleo.  Her show is amazing because she’s so cool and she always has the people I love on her show – Marie TV.


Seth suggested we should blog every day and give content to others.  I agree with him – hence, my desire to start a new blog site.  I write this blog for my website with content that pertains to relationships.  But on my new blog site I’m going to write about many topics.  Some esoteric, some romantic and others just stuff I hope you can use.

Delete it and Reboot

On September 17, I became a Certified Access Consciousness Practitioner.  What I do allows people more possibility and change.  There are 32 points (bars) on the head and when accessed- which means I pull energy from your third eye, your feet and your hands, then access the points on your head- it helps you to delete old negative information and replace it with something beneficial to you.

When I listened to a video by Neuroscientist Dr. Jeffrey Fannin,   I realized how valuable Access Consciousness is.  There are still so many areas of my life that are reflecting what’s going on in my world inside that I must change.   A benefit is each time I access someone’s bars mine are being accessed as well.   Everyone wins!

The Question

In terms of books and YouTube videos you can read, watch and listen to, I’d like to suggest you watch the video by Wayne Dyer: The Shift (it may cost you a few dollars) –  FREE: there’s a book on YouTube you can download and read or listen to: You Invisible Powers by Genevieve Behrend, and Sacred Master Key by Allan Rufus.

These books will have you asking questions and that’s what we want to do, so let’s ask the quest HOW.


HOW does it get any better than this?

HOW can I improve this?

HOW can I make a positive shift?

These questions will make you think and take action.  No blaming allowed.


I hope this  post has given you something to think about – information you can use, and perhaps you will want to read again.profile-fb-1477007088-c5b79cdd8985


I’ve got a lot of good stuff on my website.  Coaching packages you can purchase.  A group you can join, and free stuff if you go to my store. Go on over and check it out!

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