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Do you find it painful to try to get your point across when talking with your partner?  Are you suspicious, worried that he or she may be unfaithful?  Does it make you feel insecure that “the thrill is gone” from your relationship and you have no idea how to bring it back?

The Coaching Kiva was created to help you through challenging and difficult times.  When your life seems to be off track and you’re not sure of your next move – we can help you figure out the best strategy to take.  When your relationship is threatened because of infidelity, a communication breakdown or partner-familiarity – we can help you develop the skills necessary for forgiveness; We can give you the tools for heart-centered listening, necessary to begin effectively communicating.  We can also teach you  ways to appreciate your partner and help you rejuvenate your relationship.

  • Regain Trust
  • Develop Personal Insight
  • Learn To Communicate Assertively
  • Cultivate Your Voice
  • Find The Courage To Take Chances
  • Know That You Are Enough

We currently offer three coaching programs.

  1. Life Solutions Coaching Program
  2. Relationship Rejuvenation Program
  3. Relationship Repair Program

Each program will provide you with knowledge and understanding of the reasons you are experiencing your current difficulties/dissatisfactions.  You will learn ways to make the decisions that will positively affect your life or relationship.

So …Are you finally ready to make a change in your life – One that will bring you personal growth, more love, connection and personal fulfillment? If you are, The Coaching Kiva is offering a connection call – SAVE MY RELATIONSHIP, FIX MY LIFE Strategy Session.  You will walk away with:

  1. A  New Awareness Of What’s Been Creating Your Relationship/Life’s Difficulties.
  2. A Renewed Sense Of Energy about Turning Things Around
  3. A Next-Step Action Plan For Improving Your Current Situation.

We Know It Can Be Tough To Face The Problems At Hand, But Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late!  Call (562) 895-0516


A Kiva is a sacred chamber in a Pueblo Indian village.

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