Access Consciousness

Access Consciousness with Dr. Lateefah WielengaAccess Consciousness Sessions with Dr. Lateefah Wielenga

Did you know our brains are like computers, and a lot of information has been downloaded over time?  Our hard drives are full of memories from past experiences and the influence, words, and actions of others?  Much of what’s there has not been to our advantage.  The story goes waaaay back!  But let’s not look behind – let’s stay in the moment.

You can decide to delete the information stored that’s not serving you, and replace it with what does.  Our heads house 32 energy spots (bars), and by pulling energy from your third eye, your feet, and your hands – going on to your bars – I can help you release what you do not need.  I am a certified Access Consciousness Practitioner and I help you to delete those old thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.


For more info on Access Consciousness, please watch this video. Presented by neuroscientist Dr. Jeffrey Fannin with Gary Douglas and Dr. Dain Heer, creators of Access Consciousness, this is a review of what occurs in the brain before and after an Access Bars session.