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Do You Have The Nerve To Accept This Challenge?

If you think you can go one week- 7 days- without complaining, then join my FREE No Complaints Challenge that begins on Monday, December 10th.    Once you do this challenge, you’ll learn to become mindful of your thoughts, what’s really important, how to avoid conflicts, and that happiness and kindness are what really matter.  You’ll get into the ease and flow of life!

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The Kiss Test

I’ve not written a blog post since last year.  While organizing my business and figuring out how to serve you well, I’ve decided to post the article that you seemed to like most.   I hope you enjoy it as much as you did last year.  🙂 



Remember the Kiss Test?  If not let me refresh your memory.  A relationship coach who helps men learn how to date women came up with this. 

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It’s A Matter Of Choice


Last year at one of my events I talked about our emotions and how we control them.  I said controlling our emotions is almost a simple as selecting a different pair of shoes.  I read this article today, and I thought I’d share it.

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Memorial Day sets off the season’s  Sizzling Summer fun!

So why not begin with

a Red Hot Strategy Session!


Learn how to bring back the romance and fun in your relationship,

Learn to better navigate your life, turning it into

an exciting journey.

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You Know It’s Over: So Why Are You Hanging On?

tug of warimages

Most people want to be in an intimate relationship.  It does something for their psyche.  It makes them feel safe – a part of someone – a part of something that allows them to feel they’re invincible.   Having a partner or a spouse usually satisfies at least three of the Six Human Needs, which are Certainty, Variety, Significance, Love/Connection, Growth and Contribution. 

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It’s All A Misunderstanding!





Couples come into my office with the complaints of feeling misunderstood, taken for granted, and unappreciated.  Some report feeling isolated or ignored because their partner has shut-down. When you feel that your partner doesn’t understand what you’re saying, many times it’s because you aren’t conveying your message in the language they speak.  It can sound to them, like you’re speaking Tagalog when they speak English.

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How’s Your Sex Life?

confused couple

How’s your sex life?     No – really.   How is it?

Are you compelled to take another look when your man or, your woman walks by because they are so sexy to you?  Do you still desire their touch?  Does the way they smell make you want to get closer?  Think about it.  How is your sex life?

The Seed That’s Planted

Did you notice I didn’t ask about your love life? 

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5 great ways to celebrate St. Valentine’s Day!


heart tree

I was walking away from my computer when it dawned on me, this Sunday is Valentines Day!  So I’ve decided not to write my actual blog post.  Instead I’m going to suggest five cool and easy ways to spend this Sunday, which happens to be Valentine’s Day.

  • Have brunch at Claire’s which is located at the Long Beach, CA Museum of Art.
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friends forever

By now you know there are many reasons why our friendships change once one of the connected units gets romantically involved.  It usually
has nothing to do with the close bond that’s been formed over time, but
all to do with the new energy that has arrived in the life of our friend.
We are all aware that when love enters our world, it is totally

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Romantic Relationships

John Lee’s six types of love

“Love is a wildly misunderstood although highly desirable malfunction of the heart which weakens the brain, causes eyes to sparkle, cheeks to glow, blood pressure to rise and the lips to pucker” Anonymous

John Alan Lee is a 20th century Canadian psychologist who proposed the idea that there are six types of interpersonal love (three primaries and three secondaries). In his 1973 book entitled, The Colors of Love, Lee explains the six love types and assigns a color to each.

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