Romantic Relationships

Avoid the Honey Jar

Jar of Honey - Avoid the Honey Jar

Two keys to a successful relationship are patience, and communication. If you’re in a relationship ask yourself if you’re patient. Do you have sufficient communication skills? It takes time to learn someone else. And when in a relationship that’s going to grow, it’s imperative to communicate openly. Jumping into a serious relationship too soon, may cause unnecessary complications. Love is sweet, but it can be sticky – like honey. You want to avoid the Honey Jar.

It’s great to be in love, but take your time with the other person and don’t jump straight into any relationship. Jumping in too deeply, too quickly is messy. With time you can learn that person for the first time or all over again and they can learn about you.

Not jumping into the Honey Jar is being kind to yourself because there may be repercussions into being too hasty. Too many people get hurt or blindsided by something in a persons life they didn’t expect, and by going slowly you can avoid learning about something too late.

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