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You know, the reason I started working with couples is because my own relationship failed.  We were great together when things were going well, yet we didn’t know how to get through those tough times-when thigs were not going well. Those were the times when we weren’t great together.

That was over 20 years ago, and since then I’ve become an expert on, the subject of relationships, male & female interaction, and communication.

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Random Acts of Love- Not Forgetting About The Little Things

Relationships are a delicate balance of time, trust, and dedication to one another; but sometimes the little things that matter are forgotten. We get so busy with our lives – careers, school, children – that our feelings of love take a backseat.

What happened to the attention to the details? To keep a relationship strong, we must remember to:

  1. Laugh together
  2. Appreciate our partner
  3. Give each other compliments
  4.  Spend quality time together

Laughing Together

Although it’s important to focus on how much time and effort we put into talking, sharing, and building relationships with others, it can seem impossible to always show them how much we care.

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Happiness-who is responsible?

Happiness starts by taking personal responsibility. Unless you’re one that’s usually joyful, there are things you can do to have that euphoric feeling. Happiness is the attitude we take when approaching life and unforeseen environmental factors. Although good cheer may be something many seek, we can decide to experience it in much of what’s around us. If you’re having difficulties being happy, here are a four (4) steps to get you on your way.
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You are all you’ve got!

This week, the coaching Kiva is going to talk about the importance of staying true to yourself. There is one commonality that we all share; we start the journey alone, hence ending the journey alone. Our bodies are a vessel, the hands our instruments, and our heart is the gateway to eternity.

Unfortunately, losing yourself is one of the easiest things to do.

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The Ease and Flow of Life

Life as we know it, is an unknown, mysterious force that breathes a fruitful yield and bittersweet dissolution. No matter what obstruent obstacle, life’s delicate heart beat will continue its rhythm to create the ease and flow of life.

In our existence, we are but humble students; a commonality in awaiting our destination-in the end.

Do you ever worry about where your life is heading?

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The Effects of Loving Yourself

Self-confidence, self-worth, beauty, and happiness gravitate inside-out from our souls. A flower is not beautiful because it’s flawless; it’s perfection comes from the days of growth and development. To create the perfect flower entails pruning and giving it nourishment. A person’s physiological and spiritual self is a lot like flowers; requiring much finesse and care. Can the forest of birds be heard if there’s no one listening?

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Help! Knowing When to Ask For It

Last week the Coaching Kiva covered how to approach the issue of feeling stuck; this week
we are going to further expand on the idea of when you feel, “all is lost.” Whether the crisis
involves finances, relationship, or work -when is it okay to ask for help? The answer varies by individual, but the best practice
to pursue is to ask for assistance when you don’thave the tools, or the resources you need to solve the problem.
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Sex, Love, & Food: The inticacies of what’s delicious.









Colette walked into Tin Roof restaurant in Manhattan Beach. She liked the ambiance and the energy of the people.

“This place feels good to me” she said to her best friends Lauren and Pamela.

“I’m glad we made this decision.”

As they walked into the restaurant there was a bar to the left, many people were seated there for the wine tasting event.

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Feeling Stuck? Move Anyway

At some point in a person’s
life, we all hit that barrier.
What do we do? Keep
moving. Feeling stuck may
include, hating your job,
having relationship
problems, or living in an
area you’d rather not be.


The feeling of limbo is a destructive phenomenon – an unsettling feeling – like being in bumper-to-bumper traffic. You’d probably rather just stay home and not even face the lingering and weary sound of breaks and horns.

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Love is a Verb

Love, by definition, is the intense feeling of deep affection. However, it’s not just a feeling, it’s an action(verb). This week the Coaching Kiva is going to take you on a short walk on the beach, and talk about the myth of love, which causes many relationships to become dysfunctional. Love will make you happier than you’ve ever been, but if not approached with the understanding of reciprocity, Love can cause unpleasant, unforeseen, challenges.

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