The Ease and Flow of Life


Life as we know it, is an unknown, mysterious force that breathes a fruitful yield and bittersweet dissolution. No matter what obstruent obstacle, life’s delicate heart beat will continue its rhythm to create the ease and flow of life.

In our existence, we are but humble students; a commonality in awaiting our destination-in the end.

Do you ever worry about where your life is heading? Do you stress what’s next? The viability of a person, is the ability to grow, and learn from the energy around us.A mortal lives not through that breath that flows in and that flows out. The source of his life is another and this causes the breath to flow.” (Paracelsus)


Life’s silent whisper gives us the ability to live under her ever-changing environment. The beauty of life is its uncertainty; the unknown of what will come next. She guarantees us a life full of adventure and life lessons to create character. Though you might get knocked down a couple times, you are a sturdy tree with a purpose and destination. Instead of concentrating on the when and how, concentrate on the now.


One of life’s greatest lessons is the knowledge of how to get back up and push on. Though she is beautiful, life can also be like a swift wind; if you don’t hold on, you’ll be blown away. “It’s only after you’ve stepped outside your comfort zone that you begin to change, grow, and transform.” (Roy T. Bennett)


All around us is energy. Every living organism produces energy called ATP. When you breathe air, and move, you create energy (friction). Every action has a reaction; this also applies to how we live our lives. There actually is a thing called, “negative energy”. Dr. Masaru Emoto’s plant experiment proves this.

Each Plant was given identical water and sunlight. One plant was told positive things every day, and the other harsh negative words. Within 2 weeks of the experiment, the positive plant was growing tall and green. The other plant(negative), stayed thin and had a brownish tint to the leaves. This experiment has been duplicated many times with the same results. What does this show us? Thoughts, words, sounds, colors, all of these things are a unique form of energy, vibration, and frequency. (Dr. Masaru) 


Life is precious and delicate. The viability of life’s energy is our ability to grow and learn in a complex universe. If we would only remember to trust that which breathes us – perhaps we could relinquish our resistance, and relax into the natural ease and flow…

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Article by Paul Newcombe

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