Gratitude … It’s A Compounding Energy





Will you be in town or are you traveling for Thanksgiving?  I’m not sure if you’ll even have time to read this post.  Yet I’m writing it anyway  because I want to remind you that you have so much to be grateful for.  No matter your current circumstance.  I’m sure it can be easy to remember your painful past, but is that really what you want to focus on?  This is the time of year that most of us are gearing up for, right?  Then let’s decide to enjoy it.


I suggest you pull out a memory that makes you feel good when you think about it.  Try to recreate that time and the emotion you felt.  Once you do that, before you know it, you’ll be remembering another good time.  And when that happens, say thank you.  Offer gratitude to what, or whomever you’d like.  Because saying thank you is an incredible gift to give.  It changes things that we can’t see with our naked eye.  Gratitude is something that creates a vibration that builds upon itself, and I guarantee you, not only your day, but the days of others will be better for it.

Back At You

You know they’re just like a boomerang – our thoughts.  What we think comes back to us.  It seems The Universe is a trickster.   It simply … returns to sender.  What’s in our minds, are random prayers.  Did you know that?  Many of us don’t realize our thoughts are requests. When I learned that, I’d hoped it wasn’t too late.  My life wasn’t reflecting my words.  “This is what you asked for, right?”  I decided to change.

A Bouquet 

Everything must go through a gestation period.  Thoughts are seeds and once fertilized and nourished, they produce the fruit.  Yet even though things take time, it’s never too late to plant new seeds; and if you decide, you can grow flowers instead of weeds.


Gratitude:  Why not plant it?


Have a Happy Thanksgiving!





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