Happiness-who is responsible?

Happiness starts by taking personal responsibility. Unless you’re one that’s usually joyful, there are things you can do to have that euphoric feeling. Happiness is the attitude we take when approaching life and unforeseen environmental factors. Although good cheer may be something many seek, we can decide to experience it in much of what’s around us. If you’re having difficulties being happy, here are a four (4) steps to get you on your way.


Start your day by claiming it – how do you want to experience it? (Dr. W.)

Look for the goodness that surrounds you. (Dr. W.)

Think positive thoughts

Surrender all your fears (by realizing you create them. Dr. W.)

Each day we awaken, we have the power to decide how we’ll react and interpret events. Our mind is a powerful tool that we can use to create serenity and peace, happiness and joy. We can also use it to visualize our dreams and capabilities. Having confidence in your abilities can bring you happiness.

If you begin thinking negative thoughts, ask yourself how the negative situation can become a positive one. It’s your responsibility to think the thoughts that bring you good feelings. To start your journey to happiness, remember that it takes practice. The ability to control your emotional responses, requires tranquility, peace and an active imagination. What do you really want in your life to look and feel like? If you currently experience emotional dilemmas while facing minor events, try following the four steps above. If that doesn’t help, perhaps it’s time to speak to a professional.

Here at The Coaching Kiva, Dr. Lateefah Wielenga can teach you how to maintain emotional positivity to face the bigger events in life. “Happiness is not something you postpone for the future; it’s something you design for the present.” (Jim John)(Call a Professional today)

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Article by Paul Newcombe (Dr. Wielenga contributed)

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