How’s Your Sex Life?


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How’s your sex life?     No – really.   How is it?

Are you compelled to take another look when your man or, your woman walks by because they are so sexy to you?  Do you still desire their touch?  Does the way they smell make you want to get closer?  Think about it.  How is your sex life?

The Seed That’s Planted

Did you notice I didn’t ask about your love life?  That’s because usually love begins to develop after the seed of sex has been planted.  Once those thoughts are in the mind’s fertile soil and tended to, love pops up like a flower. Then, you’ve got to tend to that.  When you first met the person you now love, your head turned whenever they walked by because you enjoyed the way they looked.   The way they smelled intoxicated you and you couldn’t seem to keep your hands to yourself.  Wherever they were is where you wanted to be.  Love – it’s a beautiful thing.

Romantic Movie

So you were one of the lucky ones.  Finders – keepers –losers-weepers.  You’ve won!  What others long for, you’ve managed to capture.  In the beginning, all of the things you’d dreamt about were realized.  You probably couldn’t believe that you were the star of your own romantic movie.  You played out every scene in the script you’d written.  Yet, somewhere along the way, your script faded to black.  The days turned into months- turned into years-and suddenly you have a new normal; and it’s nothing like before.

A Re-Write

But since you wrote the script in the beginning of it all, I believe you can write an even better one now. If you want to get things back on track in the bedroom, try these three things when sitting down to write.

  • Find the courage to be creative and adventurous.
  • Have faith in the love that was produced by planting that sex seed.
  • Believe you’re an even better version of yourself now.

So tell me, how’s your sex life?

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  • DeAnna May 12,2016 at 9:37 pm

    Very nice. Thank you for this! I learn something new every time you speak. Xoxo

    • May 13,2016 at 12:20 pm

      Thank you, Beautiful! Pass it on to whomever may enjoy it. xoxo

  • Pernell May 12,2016 at 7:46 pm

    Absolutely wonderful I am elated at the knowledge that is given. RIGHT ON TARGET!

    • May 12,2016 at 8:35 pm

      I’m glad you enjoyed the blog. Pass along to your friends so I can put them on my list.
      Thank yu for your support!

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