Pre Marriage Counseling

Pre Marriage Counseling:

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It just makes sense to talk to a professional before you and your partner make the sweet commitment of marriage. Seeing a counselor would be a good idea. Learn things about yourself and your partner that you can face before the big day. When you experience pre-marriage counseling, you can walk down the aisle feeling great, knowing the expectations of your partner. You will begin your lives together with honesty and truth.



The benefits of pre-marriage counseling and coaching:

  • Learning the importance of open communication

  • Learn to bring yourself to the relationship through self-acceptance

  • Understand the expectations of your partner

  • Learn to appreciate more and expect less
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We will work together to …

  1. Clarify your true vision for your marriage.
  2. Learn Key marriage milestone objectives.
  3. Develop a 3-stage action plan.
  4. Uncover hidden challenges that may sabotage your relationship.
  5. Leave the session with renewed energy and motivation for a lasting, loving relationship together.
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The Coaching Kiva’s Pre-marriage and, marriage counseling and coaching offers couples the tools they need to hold themselves accountable for their actions, opening the way to a continued harmonious union. They learn the damage of blaming, shaming and playing small, and the rewarding benefits of speaking from the heart, expecting the best of their partner and remember love first.

Dr. Wielenga is an ordained minister and skilled in working with new and married couples. She has written vows with couples, married couples and she has saved marriages as well. Dr. Wielenga performed her most recent wedding ceremony in October, for her current clients.

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