Random Acts of Love- Not Forgetting About The Little Things


Relationships are a delicate balance of time, trust, and dedication to one another; but sometimes the little things that matter are forgotten. We get so busy with our lives – careers, school, children – that our feelings of love take a backseat.

What happened to the attention to the details? To keep a relationship strong, we must remember to:

  1. Laugh together
  2. Appreciate our partner
  3. Give each other compliments
  4.  Spend quality time together

Laughing Together

Although it’s important to focus on how much time and effort we put into talking, sharing, and building relationships with others, it can seem impossible to always show them how much we care. People often overlook behaviors that keep the relationships flourishing. Things like slipping a cute note into your lover’s pocket, bringing flowers home, preparing your partner’s favorite meal, or wearing an outfit you know they enjoy seeing you in. These “actions” can go unnoticed, but they are the intricate parts that help to build the fortress.

A study conducted by Laura Kurtz, from the university of North Carolina, found that, “couples who laugh more together tend to have higher-quality relationships.” She found that women laugh more than males and men’s laughs are more contagious: When men laugh, they are 1.73 times more likely to make their partner laugh.” Laughter is a supportive activity that brings couples closer together.


As time passes, couples start to lose the spark. The secret to a long, fulfilling relationship is to continue to actively appreciate your partner. To build a sturdy relationship, start by cherishing the small moments (making dinner, saying thank you, or being supportive through difficult times).


Complementing each other creates a healthy atmosphere within the home. Unfortunately, as couples become disconnected the complements disappear. To keep the passion going in your relationship, remember a small compliment can go a long way; make your partner feel beautiful, handsome, sexy, and wanted.

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