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Colette walked into Tin Roof restaurant in Manhattan Beach. She liked the ambiance and the energy of the people.

“This place feels good to me” she said to her best friends Lauren and Pamela.

“I’m glad we made this decision.”

As they walked into the restaurant there was a bar to the left, many people were seated there for the wine tasting event. Tables had been rearranged to accommodate the customers. The restaurant has an outdoor patio area at the entrance and an outdoor seating area on the south side next to The Vintage Wine Shoppe, almost connected to it.  When looking at Tin Roof, one can see its Spanish style with its red-tiled roof and bougainvillea. When Colette surveyed the room, she saw a lot of good looking guys. Bruno Mars’ Nothin’ On You was playing; the lyrics made her feel special. She gently moved her body to the rhythm of the music, noticing the smell of garlic and various spices that filled the room with comfort. The murmuring of the guests helped Colette feel all too pleased that she’d decided to attend this wine tasting. She released a happy sigh, looked at her girlfriends, and smiled.

When they ordered their wine flights, Colette glanced over the shoulder of their server and saw a really handsome gentleman. There was just something about him. It wasn’t his height or his physique that impressed her. It was something she couldn’t quite put her finger on.  What was it? she found herself asking. Colette directed her attention to her girlfriends,

“When you get a chance – and don’t be obvious – look at the tall guy standing at the fourth table. He’s wearing a white-silk shirt, tan colored slacks and brown Armani loafers. Is there something about him or is it just me?”

Pamela casually glanced at the guy approvingly.

“He is nice,” she said.

“But so are many of the guys in here. Look at him.”   Pamela said as she pointed out another nice-looking guy with sexy, piercing eyes.

“I agree, coming here tonight was a great idea,” Lauren said.

“Leave it to me to get us out of our social rut. But I’ve got to say a second time that that guy is so …”  Colette said, and her voice trailed off.

She couldn’t articulate her feelings about the guy across the room.  His skin was smooth with a golden glow. He had a cleft chin and his brown eyes twinkled when he laughed. His body was strong. It was easy to tell just by the way his loose-fitting clothes draped over his sinewy body.

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