Romantic Relationships

Six Types of Love – Eros and Ludus


There are more types of love than that of the romantic. There are at least six types of love. What does the love you have for your partner feel like to you? I’m going to talk about two of the six types of love. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this…

I’ve talked before about John Alan Lee’s book The Colors of Love in which he talks about Six Types of Love. If you haven’t read that article explaining what the six types are yet, I encourage you to do that now: John Lee’s six types of love.

Eros love is that romantic, sexy, lustful primal love. It is usually the first type of love we fall into, when there is an infatuation and deep connection with the other person. This is a healthy type of love that we all strive to feel for another person.

Ludus love is an unhealthy type of love. It is when you are in the relationship because you feel love for a person, but they look at the relationship as a game or a conquest. It is a sport to them and you are the prize. This creates an unbalanced relationship and you will inevitably get hurt.

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