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Six Types of Love – Mania and Agape


Why is it important to know the six types of love? What does it have to do with you? Well, knowing this helps you to understand where your feelings are coming from. If you find yourself in love with someone, but you’re confused about your interaction in the relationship, you both may be experiencing a different type of love.

The last two types of love from John Alan Lee’s book The Colors of Love in which he talks about Six Types of Love are Mania and Agape. If you missed the last articles about this topic, be sure to watch this video first: Six Types of Love – Eros and Ludus.

So what is Mania? Simply it is a possessive type of love. It when someone is extremely obsessive and show a lot of jealousy in the relationship. Even though it may feel good sometimes to have someone feel this way about you, it can be very dangerous. Possessive people can get angry, physical or even abusive. Mania lovers can become stalkers when the relationship ends, not allowing the other person to leave or be with anyone else. It is important to avoid this type of love.

The last love type is Agape love. This is universal spiritual love. It is not a sexual attraction to someone, it is the type of love you feel towards your fellow man or woman, your friends, your family. It is important to feel this not only for those around you, but also your partner in combination with other types of love.

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