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Six Types of Love – Storge and Pragma


I enjoy sharing the Six Types of Love with you. The reason for that is, so many people are unaware of them. They believe when they find love, usually by way of Eros-the romantic love, then that’s all there is. Love is so much more. The next two types of love are Storge and Pragma.

Here is the next video in a series about John Alan Lee’s book The Colors of Love in which he talks about Six Types of Love. If you missed the last article about Eros and Ludus love, be sure to watch that video first: Six Types of Love – Eros and Ludus.

This video we are talking first about Storge Love. This type of love usually occurs when you and your partner are friends first. You fall in love with your best friend and begin a relationship together. You enjoy being with each other always and get along really well, but the infatuation may be a little lacking. Sex tends to feel less passionate, but still happens and can eventually become more passionate with some work.

Pragma love feels more like a business relationship. Two people come together because they have the same goals and their views align really well so it seems like a good fit. People on the outside may feel like you two are perfect for each other because you have very similar qualities or have similar jobs, but the actual infatuation and love for each other is a bit lacking. Sex occurs but because it feels like you are supposed to, not because you want to, there is usually not a lot of spontaneity there. This type of relationship can and does work for a lot of people, but usually begins to fade or even fall apart later in the relationship, once kids are grown up and a lot of the goals you had have been accomplished.

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