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Six Types of Love – Which Ones Are Right for You?


Now that we know what the Six Types of Love are and the details of each one, it is time to start understanding which types you project in your relationship, which ones you want out of your partner, and if you have a partner, which ones they project. Do you know your love types yet?

This is the final post in our series wrapping up the Six Types of Love from John Alan Lee’s book The Colors of Love. If you missed any of the series, you can start at the beginning by reading an earlier blog post called John Lee’s six types of love.

Understanding each type of love in your relationship will help you and your partner understand each other, and what you are expecting from the other person. If those expectations don’t line up, it will cause problems between the two of you. However, understanding your partner’s love type, you will learn to expect what they naturally project.

This can also make searching for a partner a bit easier. Knowing what love type you are and what you want in a partner can help you find someone you are more compatible with. Typically you would be looking for Eros, Storge, or Agape love. These three are the healthiest love types. You can also look for Pragma love if you know you want to find someone for who makes a certain amount money, for political reasons, or who is strategic to help you build the life you want to build.

So now that you have a better understanding of the Six Types of Love, it’s time to go out there and apply it to your life.

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