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What Men Need to Feel Loved

5 Things men need to feel loved

Ladies, this one’s for you.

Some of you may already know what men need to feel loved – but for those of you who aren’t clear on the matter, listen-up!

For many men, to be emotionally engaged in a relationship is a challenge. Expressing feelings and emotions is unchartered territory, since they’ve been taught not to express their emotions. That their role is to be tough, be in charge, and take control.

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The Do’s and Don’ts of Love & Relationships

Happy couple holding each other in love

You had no idea it was coming, but Love wrapped you in its blanket the moment you set eyes on each other. Time seemed to stop – then things felt like they were going in slow motion. Yet, the clock was ticking and the journey began. You didn’t know where ‘this’ was taking you, but it was – and still, may even be exciting!

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Is There A Reason For The Change?

Love changes life images

Question:  Do you become a different person once in a romantic relationship?  If so – why?

While having dinner with a dear friend a few nights ago, I asked her what she would like to read about in my Coaching Kiva blog.  She said she is interested in people’s behaviors – why they do the things they do.  When I asked her to be more specific, she began telling me how she is experiencing feelings of abandonment since many of her friends have married. 

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