The Five Things That A Man Needs To Feel Loved.



Although everyone’s different, we are more alike than not.  And for reasons that are too lengthy for this blog post, I’ll just say that it seems the fundamentals are the same.

Some of you may know what a man needs to feel loved – but for those of you who aren’t clear on the matter, listen-up!

For many men, to be emotionally engaged in a relationship is a challenge.  Expressing feelings and emotions is uncharted territory, since they’ve been taught not to express their emotions because their role is to be tough, be in charge, and take control.  When men need to process what’s happening within the relationship and within themselves, many of them make it an inside job. Though you may feel left out, believe me – it’s not about you.

Here’s a list of five things men need to feel loved.

  1. Space

Usually women are nurturers in a relationship, and they want to create a connection.  Oftentimes the connection they’re attempting to create leaves the man feeling overwhelmed, as he needs time to first process information and feelings.   He begins to feel pressured to make an immediate emotional connection, which leads to miscommunication and strife.  Observe him and what he needs, you’ll be happy you did.

2. Affection

Although men are supposed to be strong and sometimes seem emotionless, that’s a façade. Society has placed pressure on men to play that role, when men – like women- need to feel loved and cared for.  Most men naturally have the need to provide, but once that need is fulfilled, they need love.  Maslow’s hierarchy of needs theory says that for love and belonging to occur, first the physiological and safety needs to be fulfilled. Men need to be shown affection.  Touch them, kiss them, and look into his eyes when your saying something complimentary to him.  Under the rigid exterior of a man, there lives a little boy who wants and needs to feel loved.

3. Respect

In 1967 when Aretha Franklin sang this song, Respect and made it a hit record, her voice wasn’t the only reason it did so well. The lyrics will forever ring true – especially when it comes to a man feeling loved by his woman.  One of the ways you can make an emotional connection with your man is to clearly demonstrate you respect the decisions he makes (if you truly do), and respect his work ethics and accomplishments.  When a man makes an effort to succeed, he needs your support. He needs to know that you respect him.

4. Understanding

It’s not a rarity to hear men and woman say they feel like they’re speaking a different language.  Sometimes they are, when they’re coming from their gender positions.  Men and women are different.  Until you get to really know your partner, you’ll find yourself feeling like you can’t live with him, and you can’t live without him.  You’ll understand your man better when you accept his maleness and appreciate that he’s different from you.  Let him be himself without criticizing.  Remember there’s a little boy in him, and a little girl in you.

5. Sex


I put this last, despite the fact that it could have been first. ? women feel love emotionally, while men feel love physically. That’s one of the first things they think about because that’s the way their made.  The primary way men feel loved is by having sex with the person they love, that’s how they feel connected.  If you’re able to create the emotional connection you need, and giving him the physical connection he needs, everyone wins.

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