Self Love

The Story You Tell


Do you ever notice that you talk about the things you see in front of you? You know, things like what’s going on at work, or in your relationship? And if you think about it – most of the things you’re talking about are negative. Is that correct? Take a listen to my video and see if it resonates with you.

The story you tell yourself is the story you live.

When I first started my career I worked as a social worker with young girls. We had a motto for these young girls, the story you tell is the story you live. So we encouraged them to say to themselves only positive affirmations and try to get rid of all the negatives thoughts they had about themselves.

Now that I work with adults and couples, the same thing is true when it comes to yourself and your relationships. You have take care of yourself in order to care of your relationship and others. All the little things you tell yourself add up and make you who you are.

Even if you aren’t there yet, it is important to tell yourself the story of who you want to be, and this positive thought will begin manifest into reality.

This goes for your partner or your children as well. People love and need to hear positive things about them to feel great and confident. Especially children. Telling your children you love them, that are beautiful, hansom, that you are proud of them, on a regular basis will allow them to grow up with these feelings and help them live better lives.

I hope you are living a great life today, but if you aren’t, change your story, and you can.

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