Unhappy and Dissatisfied With Life


Are you waking up in the morning wishing there was more? You have the car, the perfect marriage, and even that great job, but something is missing. As human beings, we crave to have a sense of belongingness, but how we achieve it varies per individual. There have been various studies conducted on how people achieve fulfillment in our lives. For many people they choose a religion, others money, and some even future aspirations; though there are three commonalities within these.

Your Social Life/Friends
Did you know that a study by Richburg found that people who have close friends tend to be 19% more satisfied with life and 23% more optimistic? It can be as easy starting by inviting your neighbors over for dinner. Having a good relationship with your neighbors can increase life satisfaction up to 16% and lower the feeling of loneliness by 25%(Prezza et al. 2001). Last, put yourself out there–as discussed from last week– and get involved with your community!

Make Goals
A study done by Krueger in 1998, discovered that individuals with goals are 19% more satisfied with their lives and 26% happier about themselves. They also found that life satisfaction leads to less negative feelings of self-worth; helping with anxiety and depression. Just to be clear, a goal does not mean you need to be the next president or even make a million dollars. A goal can be long-term or short-term. It is something that gets you out of bed in the morning and gives you a purpose such as training for a marathon or preparing to travel the world.

What to Remember
The last thing you do not want to do when you are dissatisfied with life is concentrate on money. For example, spending more money during the holidays for your kids actually does not make them happier. Why is this? Because buying or receiving new “stuff” gives us a false sense of satisfaction. Metabolically speaking, when you buy or receive something new, it spikes the dopamine in your brain–giving you a quick high or level of excitement– then you’re off to the next best thing. Instead of Concentrating on the growth of your bank account, focus on your social life, goals and your personal growth.

Your Bridge to a Life of Satisfaction and Fulfillment,

Dr. Wielenga


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