Vulnerability: Your Superpower!




“Being vulnerable is the only way to allow your heart to feel true pleasure.”  Bob Marley

I believe you know the quality of your relationship has a major impact the quality of your life.  That sometimes, the state of your romantic partnership could be much richer and, more satisfying if you’d only give up the façade and let your true light shine!


“Light?  What light?”  If that question’s coming up, it’s from the other voice that lives inside all of our heads.  The voice of sarcasm, and criticism.  Many of you continue to listen to it, yet it keeps you in a perpetual state of struggle – between what you know is great about you, and at the same time, what you choose to doubt.  But before you listen to that critical voice again, why not reveal your brightness?  Let your partner – and the world see you in all of your magnificence!


 When you finally decide that your dreams count as long as you believe in them and that your opinion of yourself matters far more than anyone else’s – that what you need is important and you’re willing to express your needs to the people you care about most, no matter what – Your light will begin to shine.


Sounds good, right? It is … once you’re there.  Consequently, to get to the place of transparency is not an easy task for most because it requires vulnerability, which requires courage. Being vulnerable can feel like you’re stripping down to your birthday suit in front of a stranger.  It is scary because you feel you may be judged, or ridiculed for who you are or aspire to be.

Your Tribe

That may be true, some people may do that.  But wouldn’t it be liberating to be authentically you?  That’s how we find our tribe, our support system, and our love.  The world seems to expand when we allow ourselves to BE; For us, for our lovers, for our families, and for the world.  Because at the end of the day, “Don’t worry about a thing.  Every little thing is gonna be alright.”  Bob Marley



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