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What are your Love Languages?


What lets you know you’re loved by your partner? Is it a walk on the beach, a new car, a homemade meal? Is what makes you feel loved, what you give to your partner to inform them of your love for them? If that’s what you’re doing, I’ve got something for you. Have a listen…

Gary Chapman wrote the book The Five Love Languages that describe 5 ways to to express and experience love in our lives. Everyone expresses their love to their loved ones differently, but a lot of problems arise when a person expresses their love in a way that their partner doesn’t understand.

For instance if you express your love through gift giving, but your partner doesn’t really care about receiving gifts and wants to experience love through affirmations, they may feel unloved because they don’t receive enough affirmations from you. In turn you will get frusterated at your partner because they get upset with the lack of ‘love’ that you show.

However understanding that your parter experiences love through affirmations, you can then work on giving them what they need, creating a much more loving relationship.

If you do this excercise with your partner and better understand how you both express and experience love you can begin the process of better communication and a healthier relationship.

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