What’s On Rewind In Your Mind?







If you’re streaming the same negative story on a daily basis, it’s got to be making you crazy.  So push the stop button and do something about it!

When we decide to get rid of the things that no longer serve us and make room for all that will, we’re taking our power back.  So let’s begin with clearing our lives of these things; Old habits, procrastination, debilitating beliefs, unkind friends, and paralyzing fears.  But let’s go even deeper.  Is there a reason why you’re holding onto that story that’s no longer a fit?  Why are you still telling it?  Many of our stories define a mindset that we’ve long moved past, yet we continue to tell them as our own.  If you want to change, alter the story you’re telling, because much of what you don’t want lives there.  Let it go.

Clearing it out

Start clearing the way for better things to come to you by taking immediate action.  The easiest way to make room for what you want is to take a look at who you are. What thoughts do you sometimes think that are really not working for you?  Do you like what your inner voice (the critic) is saying?  Is there this ineffable thing hanging around that’s not yours (and you have no idea whose it is) that you’d like to ditch?

The Rewrite

You’re not alone.  Lots of us have the same urge.  We want to chuck all the junk we never asked for and make it disappear.  But how do we do that?  Well, let’s start with these questions: Am I procrastinating, and if I am, what am I afraid of?  What’s my reason for spending time with people who aren’t kind?  Once you become curious about what’s going on with you, and honestly answer the questions that come up, you’ll begin to make a shift.

Reclaiming our power means taking responsibility for our lives.  No blame and certainly no shame.  Once we see ourselves and are okay with whom we are, our new story begins to unfold.

Changing one thought, one behavior,  one word, at a time  is going to certainly make a change in your life.

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