You are all you’ve got!


This week, the coaching Kiva is going to talk about the importance of staying true to yourself. There is one commonality that we all share; we start the journey alone, hence ending the journey alone. Our bodies are a vessel, the hands our instruments, and our heart is the gateway to eternity.

Unfortunately, losing yourself is one of the easiest things to do. Life’s path can seem narrow, be difficult, and overwhelming. Losing our insight of who we are is a dangerous thing. It’s in the low points in our lives that we truly discover who we are; but remember, you are all you’ve got! It’s very crucial to analyze yourself, and the 0direction you are heading – often. Are you currently struggling with a personal demon? Follow the 4 steps below.


1)Think about the type of person you want to be.

2)Don’t pay attention to others’ negative opinions of you.

3)Surround yourself with good, and successful people.

4)Love yourself.

Who are you?

Our ability to make personal choices can be very complex, because the appropriate path isn’t always clear. Our choices define who we are as a person, and what we value. The quickest way to get back on track is to evaluate your decisions within the past 6 months, and see if your values and choices match up to your goals.


In argument, self-confidence is the most important characteristic. As a shark can smell blood, people can sense the dubious indecision of the meek. Confidence enables us to conquer and evolve within our journey.


Healthy Affiliations

Have you ever heard the phrase-you are who you hang out with? The individuals we surround ourselves with can either make us or break us.

Love yourself

How can you expect others to love and value you if you don’t love yourself? Love yourself and embrace who you are. When you love and appreciate you, everything else will fall in place. You are all you’ve got! Remember?

(Talk to a professional today.)

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Article by Paul Newcombe

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